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Magnetic Step-Up Adapter Rings for Circular Kits

Magnetic Step-Up Adapter Rings for Circular Kits

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Kase magnetic adapter rings are used in conjunction with the Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Entry ND Kit and Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Professional. ND Kit.

Please note that these adapter rings are only suitable for use with our magnetic round filters.

The advantage of the magnetic adapter rings is that you can mount the respective magnetic round filter or magnetic polarizing filter directly on them.

Please note that the magnetic adapter rings have only one thread on the lens side. Therefore you cannot mount two of these rings on top of each other.

If you need to "level up" from a smaller lens size with several step-up adapter rings, only the last adapter ring should be magnetic.

Available sizes:

  • 49-77mm
  • 52-77mm
  • 55-77mm
  • 58-77mm
  • 62-77mm
  • 67-77mm
  • 72-77mm
  • 49-82mm
  • 52-82mm
  • 55-82mm
  • 58-82mm
  • 62-82mm
  • 67-82mm
  • 72-82mm
  • 77-82mm
  • 72-95mm
  • 77-95mm
  • 82-95mm